Violence & Police


Dear SandyB:

Just watching what has gone on in recent days with the killings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile in Minneapolis.  Coupled with the mass murder and the attack on 12 cops, it has literally gotten me sick to my stomach. I never thought the time would come in this country when the cops would actually blow up a human being, when there were so many other ways to take him out. I have several friends and family members who disagree with me and think he got what he deserved. I’d like to know your take on this matter.

Rebecca, Orlando

Dear Rebecca: I am with you, as I have also experienced similar sick feelings. However, with regard to the brother and how he was taken out after his shooting rampage, I have strong opinions. I believe the brother should have been “taken out” “by any means necessary”(Malcolm X). I say this because too many folks were droppin’ like flies, and I strongly feel the brother was on a suicide-by-cop mission. All those folks who have so much to say weren’t there to witness bullets flyin’ every which way. The one cop that we saw on TV who tried to take him out got blown away. No matter what Chief Brown did, he was gonna catch a lot of flak. I do believe the military let the brother down and let him go, knowing he had some serious issues. His dad stated that he was a changed man when he returned from the military.

Dear Sandy B: I am very confused as to how the Dallas Chief of Police can command his officers when he was not able to control his own son, who killed two people, one of them a police officer. How can they respect him?

Rebecca, Orlando

Dear Rebecca: Firstly, Chief Brown’s son was killed in a gun fight with police, after killing two people, shortly after the Chief was sworn in. I am certain that he could not imagine that his son would do such a thing. My thoughts are that the Chief’s son became rebellious possibly because of the high standards set by his father for his life. Too often, kids raised by cops, ministers, military men and the like, rebel to their own detriment. They tend to have a need to show everyone that they are like everybody else. To add, members of these professions often “put their foots”  too high up their children’s butts. There’s a need on both ends, to show their kids that they are the boss and the kids have a need to show them, “we shall see”. Both can have disastrous results.

Grandma’s Gem: Be careful what you wish for.

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