Why Blacks Should Vote for Hillary in the 2016 Election

This is a photo of Roger Caldwell, an NNPA columnist and long-time contributor to the Advocate
Roger Caldwell is an NNPA Columnist and a long-time contributor to the Advocate

“Clinton will have to tackle the fact that people of color do not see their reflection in her,” says Angelique Roche, a board member at Yale’s Women Campaign School. “What Clinton has done is establish a ‘people’s campaign.’ She has hired a number of people of color in leadership positions and created an atmosphere of inclusion, separating her candidacy from the rest of the pack and putting her campaign light years ahead of her Republican counterpart.”

Even though, many Black women and some Black men respect the Clintons, they don’t trust Hillary, and they are struggling to support her. Blacks in general are disillusioned with the political process, and after we give the candidates our vote, we don’t hear from them until it is time to vote again.

Hillary has not been prosecuted or found guilty of breaking any laws, but each week her name is connected to a different scandal. Every week Trump is calling Hillary corrupt, and cheating is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about her. Most Blacks think both the candidates are crooks and both are lying.

In 2016, there is no excitement in the election for Blacks, and many think Hillary is taking our vote for granted. Trump is a bigot, race hater and an obstructionist, who says when he wins the election; he will repeal every bill Obama has passed. This is obvious someone that 95% of Blacks and 80% of Hispanics will not support.

So Hillary is stuck with the job and responsibility to convince Blacks, that she is not just giving lip-service to Black voters. Angelique Roche stated that Hillary was running a “people’s campaign” but in 2016 Blacks want specific issues that impact our communities.

“I will do everything that I possibly can, to not only do the best to understand and to empathize, but to tear down the barriers of systemic racism,” says Hillary at a debate.

It is time to trust Hillary, because if Blacks don’t vote, Trump can win. “Blacks voters have become critical to winning U.S. elections. Without decisive African American turnout in seven states, Barack Obama would have lost to Mitt Romney in 2012,” writes the Independent Cook Political Report.

This is the first reason, why Blacks must vote for Hillary, because our voter turnout determines which candidate wins.

The 2016 election will determine if Blacks continue to move forward.

Hillary understands the Black community. Very few white folks talk about systemic racism and white supremacy, without a deep understanding of the Black plight in America. Hillary has been on point, and she has deep ties with many Black elected officials, and many civil rights leaders. She has been an advocate of the Affordable Care Act, criminal justice reforms, President Obama’s immigration policies, and more opportunities for Blacks.

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During the primary, Senator Bernie Sanders pushed Hilleary Clinton to the left, and made her challenge Wall Street and corporate greed, and discuss wealth and income inequality. She also talked about raising the minimum wage, and why Black Lives Matter. Everyone knows these are only promises, but the Republicans and Trump are not promising anything.

Finally the most important reason that Blacks should vote for Hillary is because, the president from 2017 thru 2021 will probably nominate two Supreme Court Judges. Hillary will nominate two progressive Supreme Court Judges that are liberal. Many believe that the Supreme Court Judges are more powerful than the president, because their job is a life-time position.

Every election is critical and Blacks don’t have the luxury to not vote. Hillary has a history of working with Blacks and Bill appointed the most Blacks in key positions in the federal government. There is a Black woman Donna Brazile, who is the Chairwoman for the Democratic Party in 2016, and I am sure Hillary helped to make this decision possible.

There are a hundred reasons to vote for Hillary, and she is the best and only realistic option we Blacks have.


  1. Who could ever forget Jack Tafoya? It’s good to hear from you. I am on my way to your website now to take a look. Will I find info on your books there? I’ll email you. Thanks for reopening communication. I’ll tell D you said hello.

  2. Serraj; Do you remember me, Jack Tafoya? I was invited to represent the U.S. in the International Psychic Challenge in Ukraine and recently moved back to Orlando area/Oviedo. I now have 3 books published and have researched Hillary’s health (as you know that is what I do best) and I predicted on Facebook and LinkedIn several months ago that Hillary has both; physical AND mental problems, and those issues are just now coming to light. Remember? I backed Hillary against Obama thinking Americans would never elect a Black President, but Obama won and now Hillary; and it appears the Black and Hispanic vote will tell the tale. Visit my website to peruse my background and endeavors. Say hello to your son for me.

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