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Integrity and character: more double standard nonsense

I get it.  Hillary has a problem with the every-day voter.  I know that because I hear it every day.  Her character and integrity come under assault on a regular basis.  And maybe they should.  But I’m puzzled by the lack of every-day criticism of Trump’s character and integrity.  Double standards don’t fit well in a discussion of who should lead the greatest nation on earth.  All I ask is that every discussion of Clinton’s character at the very least mention Trump’s.  We could at least pretend to see the huge dangling cloud of doubt that covers the character and integrity of Donald Trump.

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Maybe some of us are secretly envious of the man who gets over on other people and then laughs about it when exposed.  In the words of Ricky Ricardo, Clinton certainly has some ‘splainin’ to do, but Trump talks about “saving” the American economy on the one hand, while he unashamedly manufactures his own products overseas.  “Maybe they need jobs, too,” he explains.

What he calls “the art of the deal” some folk have labelled “the art of the steal.”

On whole we seem more preoccupied with Hillary’s use of her personal email account for some apparently harmless governmental communications than we are about a man running for president who has clearly, unquestionably, and very publicly lied to investors, cheated workers, shipped jobs overseas and bilked students out of millions of dollars.

By the way, I seem to recall reading somewhere that former Secretary of State Colin Powell– whom I both respect and admire– did the very same thing.  And his personal emails, the New York Times reports, DID contain classified data.  But of course Colin Powell is a Republican.  And a man.

Maybe what’s wrong with America is not so much Hillary Clinton and her integrity as it is the rest of us and ours.


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