Moynihan Prophecy Self-Fulfilled, The Race Issue is Smack in our Faces

racial injustice in the U.S.
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ATLANTA, Aug. 31, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ — The following is submitted by Evangelist Alveda King:

Friends, you may have recently seen me on TV discussing race relations ( and

You surely have heard my reminders that color blindness is a medical and spiritual condition requiring restoration of sight; and that being of separate races is a lie. We are one blood/one human race! [Acts 17:26] Also, you may have heard me say that “White Privilege” hurts not just Blacks, but every ethnicity and all of America. There are many working class Caucasians and all ethnic groups who are victims of the same unfair lending, housing and other disparities that are holding Blacks hostage in urban cities. It’s no longer just about skin color.

Here below is more information on the subject. The race issue is smack  in the middle of the abortion crisis, the presidential elections and so much more. Let’s pray for truth and understanding to break every chain!

Research on One Blood and America’s flawed system:

An excellent tool for understanding America’s flawed system is to get acquainted with these thinkers through their videos.

    1. Debby Irving: The entire video is EXCELLENT, try to watch the whole thing, The exact information you and I were discussing starts at the 6:30 mark.
    2. Historian Jacqueline Battalora: Traces the creation of white privilege in some of the earliest recorded laws in America.
    3. Dorothy Roberts: Brilliant legal scholar, discusses the modern perpetuation of the myth of biological race through social propaganda dressed up as science.
    4. The Negro Family: The Case For National Action (known as the Moynihan Report, 1965) was written by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, an American sociologist serving as Assistant Secretary of Labor under President Lyndon B. Johnson of the United States. His report focused on the deep roots of block poverty in the United States.
    5. Some bullet points:

      • 19th Century GI Bill selective lending practices were designed to advance some and limit others.

      • In the patriarchal system of America and most of the world, the forced Black Matriarchal system crippled the Black Men of America.

      • America’s Welfare System should have been a Workfare System, allowing participants to invest in their futures with empowerment rather than handouts. Forcing the fathers out of their families amplified the problems.

      • Creation of privatization of US prisons and flooding them with Blacks hurt not only the African American Community, but the nation as a whole.

      • Flooding the nations with cheap labor from outside, and forcing industry overseas with excessive tax penalties hurt the working classes of America, disproportionately Black families.