Young Blacks in Action Needs $6,000 for Trip to Chicago

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Every year, Howard (Flute) Gentry founder and director of “Young Blacks in Action Inc” (YBA) takes his organization on a special trip to participate in a major parade or event. This year his Community Band and Dancettes are going to Chicago to perform in the 85th Bud Billiken’s Parade. This is the second largest parade in the country, with more than 1.5 million people in attendance and the oldest running African American parade.

The date of the parade is August 13th, 2016. The organization has raised $14,000, but still needs $6,000 to pay for the entire trip.

YBA is a Central Florida tradition, and it was established in 1979. For 37 years Mr. Gentry has given over 7,000 youth an outlet for their boundless energy and pride in their community. The motto of YBA is “Striving to develop strong work ethic, leadership and community service.” There are more than 50 active members in the organization, and Orlando and Central Florida cannot let our youth down.

YBA’s objective is to develop age’s 4-21 youth’s, artistic talents and capacities, to promote self-actualization and elevate our youth through participation in cultural arts programming.

Over 37 years, YBA has performed at thousands of parades/events, supported crime prevention rallies, teen conferences, health fairs, job fairs, political campaigns, and community events. These are character building traits, which are needed in our youth, families, communities, cities, and nation. There is one week left until our youth depart to Chicago on August 11, 2016, and we need Central Florida and Orlando to step-up and help YBA to meet its financial obligations.

When Gentry and Young Blacks in Action are called to do a performance, many times the organization receives no compensation. Now our youth are depending on you. Please help the youth in YBA to participate in this parade, which will directly impact their future by expanding their horizons.

If you are able to help with any amount, please go to our website at and make a donation, or call 407-739-3388. Also, you may drop a tax deduction donation at the Dr. James R. Smith Center located on 1790 Bruton Blvd, Orlando, Fl. 32805 at practice this week, during the hours of 5:30 to &:30 pm. We are available for interviews, or mail donations to Post Office Box-618648, Orlando, Fl 32861.