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Chief Val Demings Introduces President Bill Clinton in Orlando

ORLANDO, FL — Today, Chief Val Demings, the Democratic candidate for Florida’s 10th Congressional District, was invited by the Hillary Clinton Campaign to introduce President Bill Clinton at a campaign stop in Orlando. The appearance took place at the Dr. James R. Smith Center in the heart of district 10.

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Val Demings and Bill Clinton
Former President Bill Clinton embraces former OPD Chief Val Demings at Orlando’s Dr. James R. Smith Center Wednesday night, Sept 7, 2016

“Today, I had the honor of introducing someone who knows about our needs, because of his own life experience, and has also fought hard to make sure we move our country forward, and I know Hillary Clinton will do the same,” said Chief Val Demings. 

“This election is all about electing a President who will help our young people reach their full potential, to go to college, and miss no opportunities because they can’t afford a college education or because their classrooms are too crowded. 

This election is all about electing a president who understands our needs, and understands that everything we enjoy in this country only happens when we are safe, secure and prepared to face the challenges of the future.

We are stronger together when we care for our neighbors, our seniors, and our children. This is, and always has been what defines the very essence of who we are. These are the values Secretary Clinton represents and I am proud to stand with her.”

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