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Sandra Brown, affectionately called Sandy B is a columnist with the Orlando Advocate
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Dear Sandy B: My brother is scheduled to be released from jail in a few weeks and I am starting to have
a lot of mixed emotions.  And so is he. I am feeling both anxious and angry because I know the odds are
stacked against him having future success. He is only twenty-two with a high school diploma. What are
his chances of getting a decent job, when every application asks about his criminal background. I really
got mad when I learned recently that he will not even be able to vote, and getting voting rights returned
may take years, if ever. This feels to me that the system is stacked against, especially, the brothers. Do
you have any suggestions about where he should begin to find a JOB when he gets out?
Dear Bernadette: “I feel you”. The system is stacked against ex-offenders, especially brothers, and in
Florida it’s the pits. Your brother has got to be prepared for a rough road ahead when he gets out. His
chances of making it will be best with the type of family support and concern that you seem to have for
him. I would suggest that he contact the Goodwill for information about attending their Jobs Connection
Program. They will also have information about other opportunities for ex-offenders. Tell your brother
to google Judges Mathis , to find out his struggles on his way to success. The key point is, that brother
made it big. All things are possible.
Dear Sandy B: What is the world coming to? As I watched the presidential debate the other night, I
couldn’t help thinking, how could an adult who acts so much like a child be a candidate for the
presidency of the United States. If he never said a word those stupid expressions on his face made him
look like a real simpleton. I am really terrified at the prospect of this man in the most powerful position
in the world, not just the U.S. I am really concerned about the future of our children. What’s your take
on this whole thing?
Dear Rebecca: Please don’t ask me, my take on this matter. My blood pressure has been fine, and you
are startin’ to mess with it. This mess is all about money, power and outright racism. What scares me
most is the number of educated and supposedly decent folks who are backing this man. I’m not gonna
go into how I feel when I see Black folks supportin’ him, ‘cause I might just have a stroke. My friend, we
have a job to get folks out to vote or we are gonna be facin’ some mess that we couldn’t even imagine.
As our current president would say, “don’t boo, vote”.
Grandmas’ Gem: Stop hangin’ on to “Old man usta”.
Sandy B can be reached at: rappinsandyb@gmail.com