Kaepernick and the National Anthem

sandy b
Sandra Brown, affectionately called Sandy B is a columnist with the Orlando Advocate
Dear Sandy B: Things have really been hot at my job this week over the issue of the football player, Colin Kaepernick, not standing to salute the flag and national anthem. Most folks are livid here and seem to think that he was disrespectful, and only did it because he has money and wanted some attention. I know he doesn’t need to do something like that for attention, because he gets it on the football field as a quarterback in a big way. I am not sure what to think of his actions, but I hope whatever his purpose is, that it works for him. What’s your take on Kaepernick not saluting the flag?
Katrina, Orlando

Dear Katrina: I support Kaepernick’s action because he is clearly a brother on a mission and he is in a position that can and did bring attention to his cause. In 1972 Jackie Robinson did not salute the flag, and he stated, “I cannot stand and sing the Anthem to show pride in a country that oppresses black people and people of color”. The Olympic duo Smith and Carlos raised their hands in protest at the ’68 Olympics. Kaepernick “knows the deal”, and is clearly willing to deal with whatever flack he has to go through because of his actions. The list is too long to mention all of the folks who took a stand on behalf of black folks and people of color. If we don’t stand up for justice, folks get confused and think we are O.K. with the “okey doke”. I say “right on” Kaepernick, do your thing and stand up for justice.
Dear Sandy B: What was Ryan Lochte thinking when he made up that bogus story about being robbed at gunpoint? What a fool he has made of his name and reputation.
Lawanza, Jacksonville
Dear Lawanza: I can’t tell you what he was thinking, but I have a long list of adjectives that I can attach to his name:  stupid, arrogant, liar, spoiled, racist, idiot to name a few. Boy, did he underestimate the abilities of the Brazilian folk. What made him think, that their technology was “behind the times”, I do not know, but he sure has and will pay a huge price for acting stupid.
Grandma’s Gem:  Can’t lose what you never had.
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