Way the Winds Blow


On the eve of the landing of Hermine on Florida’s Big Bend coastline, I watched the storm tracking images and I listened to the meteorologist’s predictions. I wasn’t worried because I had seen those things over a period of many years.

It was raining that evening, as I expected, and I had seen how beaches and coastal towns were wrecked by wind, waves and storm surges before.

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I saw trees on my property begin to swing and sway and when the power went out at about 10pm I did what Jesus did. I went to sleep.

On one evening back in Biblical times, Jesus was hanging out with his boys on a shoreline and he told them, let’s go to the other side. They boarded a boat and Jesus went to sleep.

Well, after the boat sailed into deeper waters, the clouds got darker, the waves began to rise, the winds increased and began to howl and the boat started to rock and roll, so to speak.

The Disciples started to act like scared you-know-whats, they panicked and feared for their lives. They ran to Jesus and woke Jesus up.

Jesus calmed the storm and had a few words for his trusted “believers”.

He said something like, “You are with Jesus. Have you no faith (that we would be safe)?”

Jesus and His boys rode out the storm and Lucius rode out Hurricane Hermine!

If you don’t know, I don’t live in the projects any more. I don’t live in a beautiful home or town home. I live in a small ragged house but I live on a five acre estate that borders on a major thoroughfare in Florida’s Capitol City.

When the hurricane force winds blew by my house and blew down 60 foot oak trees to the ground and a snapped variety of other trees in half, the aftermath left me with no electricity, no water, no food, no phone and no internet service. I didn’t even have a toilet I could use, literally no pot to piss in!

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But if you want to know how your family, friends, neighbors and business associates feel about you, God will send you a sign!

I did have a working cell phone and a few friends and family called.

After I told callers I was alive and unharmed but lacked the things mentioned above, most of the people who called didn’t say, “What can I do to help you or assist you” they said, “I’ll pray for you!”

Well, prayers are good and I’ll never turn down a good prayer but I damn sure didn’t want to hear that!

Why? Because a God loving person that loves his neighbors or a righteous man or a virtuous woman can “pray” for themselves! Jesus prayed for people but he also helped people!

People also asked me a stupid question. They asked, “Do you need anything?

Well, if you’ve been victimized by a hurricane, a flood, a tornado, a fire, a cyclone, a tsunami, a mudslide or any other severe and natural disaster, I don’t care if you’re Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan or the poorest person living in the homeless shelter, under the freeway overpass or on skid row, you need things. The rich can pay for things but the poor and middle class people cannot!

Anyway, I want to thank all of the Gantt Report readers and supporters who wondered about my well being. I am fine and I remain a soldier in God’s Army ready to fight devils and beasts!

I want to thank God for protecting His “Journalistic Battle-Axe” and allowing His “Media Messenger” to live and write the truth another day!

In regard to Mother Nature or to human Nature, you don’t have to be in a hurricane to tell which way the wind is blowing!

God’s soldiers are like Holy Kites, we don’t flow with the wind. We rise up and fly against the devilish winds!

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