No Time to Get Complacent


Dear SandyB: This campaign has kept me on edge for months. There has not been a day when something has been said on the news which made me upset.

Each time Donald Trump opened his mouth, I could hardly believe that a guy like him would stand a chance to run for the president of the United States. Now, I feel today is one of the worst days of my life when I heard that he had actually won. I can’t imagine having to deal with him for the next four years. What is the world does he know about running a government?

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Dear Mattie: You have a whole lotta folks who share your feelings. This rich man who has been elected to lead our country is the most morally bankrupt, racist and ill prepared joker that this country will ever know. There’s not enough time in four, eight or endless years to bring this joker “up to snuff” about running a country; forget about the world.

When I heard he had to win Florida and Ohio to win, I knew it was all over for Hillary. These two states, among others, have been KKK strongholds for generations. The difference is the members are hiding in suits, blue jeans and boots. Ain’t no way these jokers were gonna let a Black man and then a female lead this country; heck No!!

Lots of folks didn’t wanna speak on it, but they did their number in the voting box. The writing is on the wall; no time to get complacent. We ain’t got time to let the clock roll back twenty years or more.

I’m hopin’ that the Black Lives Matter Movement continues is the same vain that it has been; don’t know which way the “winds gonna blow” with the newly elected “law and order” orange man.

Hey, we gonna get through this, just like we’ve gotten through everything else that has been thrown our way.

Grandma’s Gem: We survived Jim Crow, we sure can survive Trump. D.L. Hughley

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