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Republican African American Women’s Caucus Announced

A new political group is forming in Orange County.  According to its founder, the Republican African American Women’s Caucus (RAAWC) will attempt to address an unmet need for political inclusion felt by African American women in the local market.

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beverly burgessBeverly Burgess says she is starting the organization because a number of black women here “have felt locked out by the Democratic Party for a long time.”  They are the women, she says, whose input she sought and whose advice she took in forming the RAAWC.  While the organization has not been officially formally– Burgess says she is waiting on corporate paperwork to be returned by the Secretary of State– the Pine Hills resident and outspoken critic of local politics says:  “There are many women just waiting for the [official] paperwork to come back, and they’re ready to go to work,”  Burgess said.  “And a lot of them are right here in Pine Hills.”

Burgess says she has had a number of conversations with local Republican leaders who have welcomed her with open arms.  She says she has been encouraged to continue with her efforts to finish the organization and get the first members on board.

“Democrats thought Hillary Clinton was just going to walk into Florida and sweep the black community, but some of us are tired of getting nothing from the Democratic Party,” Burgess said.  “Under the Trump administration we’ll finally be able to get some attention focused on the needs of black women who are in business and need access to information and relationships that will take them to the next level.”

“Donald Trump asked black people a question,” she continued, “and a lot of people tried to use it against him, but he said ‘You’ve been with the Democrats for generations and look at where you are.  Why not give the Republican Party a try– what do you have to lose?’  And from where I’m sitting– and from where a lot of other black women are sitting– not a damn thing.”

Burgess is convinced that what she heard at the national GOP level– primarily from the President-elect– will translate at the local level into positive action, resulting in opportunities, critical information flow and business betterment for black women.

Burgess dismisses the President-elect’s track record on items like Trump University, and his incendiary language on topics such as race, immigration, and healthcare, and insists the Republican Party will continue its movement to the center on the question of inclusion of all Americans.  Whether her optimism is either warranted or justified will become crystal clear in the days ahead.

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Burgess says she expects the corporate charter and other necessary paperwork to be finalized over the next 30 days.




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