COMMENTARY: It Wasn’t That Long Ago

    beverly burgesss
    Beverly Burgess

    By: Beverly D. Burgess, NAAWVC Founder and Chair

    ORLANDO, FL (February 15, 2017) — My father Hubert H. Williams Sr., aka (Black Max) said these words to me: 

    “It wasn’t that long ago we were killed like dogs in the streets For the right to be free from the bondage of slavery.

    “It wasn’t that long ago we were killed for the right to read a book, to learn, and be an educated people 

    “It wasn’t that long ago that we were lynched because God darkened our skin.” 

    [And] it wasn’t that long ago [that] Donald Trump’s Orange County Chairman Randy Ross stated to [me] that   

    I’m a nigga that needs to know her place.

    It wasn’t that long ago.