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Restraining Order Issued Against Trump’s Travel Ban

According to Reuters, a federal judge in Seattle, Washington has issued a temporary restraining order putting a nationwide block on President Donald Trump’s travel ban executive order. The order temporarily stops refugees and nationals from seven Muslim countries from coming into the United States.

Judge James Robart, who was appointed to the federal bench by George W. Bush, made his ruling effective immediately on Friday. Robart is not the first judge to consider a challenge to the travel ban, but other judges have limited their rulings to specific cases involving impacted individuals. Robart’s ruling was much broader, covering the broader question of the executive order’s constitutionality, so it’s scope is much larger, as well. Robart explicitly made his ruling apply nationwide.

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The White House responded to Robart’s ruling by saying the ban was “lawful and appropriate” and that the Department of Justice would be filing an emergency motion to stop the judge’s order from taking effect.

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