Trump Continued


Rappin’ With Sandy B


Dear Sandy B- This man who has been elected our president has upset my nerves more than any stranger that I have ever known. It’s so bad that my family has had to calm me down sometimes because I have actually gone into a rage when I hear one of his outrageous lies.   This man scares me, because I can’t imagine how far he will go with his lies and the amount of damage that he can cause the people of this country and our relationships throughout the world.

Jamie, Orlando

Dear Jamie- You can be sure that there are a lot of folks that share your frustration and anger. That man that you call our president is like a runaway train who has surrounded himself with a group of punk conductors that are too afraid to pull the brakes. They all too scared that he will send out a negative “tweet” on their butts and “throw them under the bus” in a heartbeat. He’s like a child that you catch stealing a cookie and he turns it around and blames someone else for making him do it. The comedians are making jokes about his lies, but this mess ain’t no joke. The “pres” is a certifiable nut case, in my opinion. I am certain his party agrees, but don’t have a clue as to what to do about it because of their own greedy ambitions. As Obama would say, “how do you like me now?” I always believe there’s a reason for everything, so I gotta believe that this joker will open the doors to a lot of “hankie pankie” that has gone on for years with his relationship with the Russians that we might not ever have known under Hillary. He’s already down with his latest declarations: Obama’s alleged wiretap, the wall and the appeal and replacement of Obamacare.  Let’s keep hope alive. As Obama would say, “how do you like me now?”

Dear Sandy B- I moved to Orlando from Miami less than a year ago, and I can tell you that I have never seen such bad drivers in my life. Folks keep braking when there is nothing in front of them, the use of blinkers is almost non- existing, and so often everybody is driving UNDER the speed limit. I try my best to not get frustrated and I have learned that beeping my horn for folks to move at a light can cause problems. Have you had these experiences?

Tomeycina, Orlando

Dear Tomeycina- You gonna have to learn to “slow your roll,” cause these folks ain’t changin’.  I shared your frustrations when I first moved here from the north, but I came to realize that it was a hopeless battle tryin’ to get these folks to “move it.”   I think lots of them put molasses in their coffee. Just to let you know, things are a lot better on the roads ‘cause there are lots of folks coming from all over that are “puttin’ it down” on the highways and local roads these days.

Grandma’s Gem: Everything comes out in the wash.

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