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Poll: Majority now believes Trump doesn’t keep promises

In February of this year, 62 percent of Americans believed President Trump keeps his promises.  Only 45 percent still feel that way, according to a new poll released Monday.  In the new Gallup poll, only 40 percent of women think the president keeps his promises, while 51 percent of men believe he will.  Predictably Republicans trust him more than Democrats, with 81 percent of Republicans saying they believe he keeps his promises, compared to only 16 percent of Democrats.

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The poll also finds that fewer Americans now see the president as a strong and decisive leader who can bring about changes the country needs.

Fifty-nine percent of Americans in February said they saw the president as strong and decisive.  That number is down to 52 percent in today’s poll.  Only 36 percent view the president as honest and trustworthy.

The poll can be viewed here.

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