Cosby Witness Not Allowed to Testify; Says Constand Made it Up

Comedian Bill Cosby walks to the courthouse for the first day of his sexual assault trial, escorted by Keshia Knight-Pulliam, who starred as Rudy on the seminal, sitcom "The Cosby Show." (Pool Photo)
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Jurors hearing the sexual assault case against Bill Cosby never got a chance to hear from Marguerite Jackson.  The judge said her testimony was hearsay and could not be permitted.  Curious.  He allowed a neighbor of Andrea Constand, Cosby’s alleged victim, to testify that Constand didn’t seem to be herself after the date of the alleged incident.

Jackson had to put her statement in writing and have it filed with the court, just to get it into the court records.  Even though the jury didn’t get a chance to hear or read the statement, Jackson’s testimony is compelling.  This is what she said in her written statement:

“I traveled with the team approximately six times.   On each occasion, Andrea and I shared a hotel room. Although I cannot recall the specific year, there was an occasion I recall the television was on. We were watching the news. There was a news story of a high-profile individual who was accused of drugging women and sexually assaulting them.

“It was a well-publicized case. “The news story piqued Andrea’s interest. She told me that something similar had happened to her. I was shocked. I asked her if she had filed charges. She said she hadn’t. I asked her why and she said, that like the story on the news, the person who had drugged and done something to her sexually was a high-profile person.

“I responded, telling Andrea that it didn’t matter who the person is, she should have reported it,”Jackson said. “I think I asked Andrea if what she was saying really happened. Her response was that it had not happened but she could say it happened and file charges, file a civil suit, get the money, go to school and open a business.

“Andrea and I never discussed the matter again.  It was about a year later that Andrea left Temple then I learned she went to the authorities and claimed that Bill Cosby had drugged and sexually assaulted her. I wasn’t shocked since this was exactly what Andrea said she could do, and so she did.”