At G20, world aligns against Trump policies ranging from free trade to climate change

Trump's America taking a beating on the world scene
Story by Washington Post  |  If the G20 summit is any indicator of how Trump’s America (#MAGA) is viewed by other world leaders, R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the U.S. seems to be blowing in the wind.  According to the Washington Post, Trump’s isolationist view is negatively impacting the country’s image as the leader of the free world as “the leaders of major world economies mounted a near-united opposition front against Washington on issues ranging from climate to free trade.”

Trump’s disdain for rules and policy would be better received if he had a fuller understanding of foreign policy.  He doesn’t.  So instead of the summit being a catalyst for increased global cooperation, there were “tough clashes with the United States and even talk of a possible transatlantic trade war.”

As the Post noted (read the Post story here), the sound of ruffled feathers coming from the other world leaders is a clear warning sign that Washington’s influence is spiraling downward at a meteoric speed.  Trump has been in office less than 6 full months.  The other leaders seem ready to jump ship, join together and exclude Trump all together. Two even acknowledged they were “leaning toward a united front against Washington.”