Ethiopia, Kenya to benefit from $169m U.S. food aid

food aid
U.S. Food Aid to Africa good for the continent or not?

The United States has extended food and health aid totaling $169m, according to humanitarian relief agency, USAID.

The bulk of the funds will go to Ethiopia which will receive $137 million.

Part of Ethiopia’s fund includes enough food to feed 3 million people. According to a USAID statement, the Trump administration approved the aid principally to feed people starving in both countries.

“With this new funding, the United States is scaling up emergency food assistance, while providing specialized nutrition supplies to treat malnourished children, and also furnishing safe drinking water and essential health services,” USAID’s statement said.

The latest wave of funding comes after Trump pledged $639 million last month in urgent food assistance for those in Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria and Yemen.

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