‘No Drama Obama’ to Chaos


Dear SandyB: I am now in the senior citizen category. However, I never thought the day would come when I would feel embarrassed to admit that I was an American if I traveled somewhere. This president, Trump, is a daily embarrassment with his tweets, as one can’t imagine what mess he’s going to tweet about. They are usually negative attacks on somebody or about something that nobody could imagine. I am really afraid that he is going to get our country into some serious problems with the international community. They are already starting to see the U.S. as a joke because of him. Recently, the White House appeared to be in total chaos. What in the world is going on?

Dear Geneva:

I don’t believe anybody knows what’s goin’ on from this president. Ringling Brothers Circus ended recently and it appears that Trump and his White House gang have taken on the circus acts.

Last week our Shock Jock President just went wild. First he turned the Boy Scout Jamboree into a political rally and started by saying “why in the hell would I talk about politics at a Jamboree?

2) He announced a new military policy by tweeting that transvestites would no longer be allowed to serve in the military. The military officials were left with their “jaws dropping”, with no direction whatsoever.

3) He went out and found a communications director, Scaramucci, who was made from the same piece of cloth as himself, 100% vulgarity guaranteed. Then, his new hire went on a vulgar tirade, cursing other government officials. Thank goodness that joker has already been fired.

This circus is non-stop, but you get where I’m comin’ from. President #45 ain’t gonna stop until he can reverse any policy that is connected to our cool no drama Obama Administration. So far his charade ain’t workin’. “Sad”, in Trumps own words.

Dear SandyB:

My boyfriend, of three years, and I have decided to become engaged. He has agreed to let me put my voice on his voicemail as one of my conditions. He has so many female friends that I thought this would stop them from calling him. Some of my friends think that is a bad idea. What do you think?


Dear Andrea:

Let me tell you “from jump”. If you think your voice on your fiance’s voicemail is gonna keep chicks away, you got “another thought comin’”. Some females will mess with you and your man just to keep stuff goin’, because they hear your voice on the voicemail. I personally think it’s a bad move on your part ‘cause you’re startin’ your engagement off with shakey mess that will keep you stressed and doubtful. It’s on your fiancé to put his girlfriends in check. Good Luck!

Grandma’s gem: Just keep on livin’.

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