President Trump was Never about the Majority of Americans

This is a photo of Roger Caldwell, an NNPA columnist and long-time contributor to the Advocate
Roger Caldwell is an NNPA Columnist and a long-time contributor to the Advocate

When Republicans and President Trump talk about the American people, they are talking about their base, and the majority of them are White. There is very little talk about the Black community, because they are invisible, and invisible people don’t exist.

Occasionally the mid-stream news will talk about the Black deaths in Chicago, or a successful Black entrepreneur, or a successful Black musician, but no one discusses the state of the Black community. Entertainment and sports are subjects that Blacks are allowed to talk about, but no one talks about the mistreatment of Black seniors who have no food, or the single Black mothers who can’t make ends meet.

Poverty in Black America is pervasive, and the lower middle class and the lower class are forced to decide what bills they will not pay every month. Trump would like Americans to think that the economy is doing great, but Harvey and Irma will challenge and destroy the credibility of the financial system. Hundreds of thousands of Americans will be left only with their clothes on their backs, and the federal government will be forced to find resources and funds where there are none.

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For the first time since Trump has been president, there was a major bipartisan bill, where the Congressional Democrats and Republicans agreed on and collaborated to get it passed, and signed by the president. With this bill, President Trump and the legislators were able to fund disaster relief with more than, $15 billion, raise the debt ceiling and keep the government open and paying its bills until December 8th.

Everyone can pat themselves on their backs for keeping the government open, but over 800,000 DACA young adults, and adults, who know only Americans as their home, are caught in a grey area in term of their citizenship. There was really no reason for President Trump to threaten the “Dreamers,” but everything Ex-President Obama implemented, our president is trying to reverse.

“And it is cruel. What if our kid’s science teacher or our friendly neighbor turns out to be a Dreamer? Where are we supposed to send her? To a country she doesn’t know or remember, with a language she may not even speak,” says Ex-President Obama.

To be a good president in America, you must show empathy and compassion to all the residents, and there must be diversity in your administration. Black people and people of color in Trumps administration are missing in action. The only conclusion that Black people and people of color have arrived at, is Trump and his administration are racists.

President Trump lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes, and the majority of Americans do not support the president policies. With a job-approval rating of 36%, and every week Americans protesting across the country, something is wrong, and everything is uncertain.

With back to back historic hurricanes and millions of Americans lives being devastated and destroyed, God is speaking. Trump has never worked with the Democrats, but these hurricanes are making him change his mind. In order to get many of the bills passed in the Senate, it takes 60 votes.

As Trump continues to learn the job of president, he begins to understand the importance of the Democrats. Making a deal with the Democrats was essential in keeping the government open, but that does not stop the unfinished battles that the Democrats have with Trumps policies.

Even though a bipartisan bill was passed by both Houses, the fundamental ideology and thinking has not changed, and Trump is still on the wrong side of history, and the law. He has broken the law with perjury, and his collusion and financial corruption with Russia should be revealed by “Mueller’s investigation.”

In the final analysis, Trump has never included the majority of Americans in his policies. God is speaking, with these hurricanes, but I wonder if our president is listening.

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