Is Sex a Complicated Subject that Women Refuse to Talk About?

This is a photo of Roger Caldwell, an NNPA columnist and long-time contributor to the Advocate
Roger Caldwell is an NNPA Columnist and a long-time contributor to the Advocate

The subject of sex is pure taboo in America because society would like everyone to believe that sexual acts are only done when two people are in love. But in reality,

[Male and female] sexual organs can be used as an instrument for good or evil. From the beginning of time, women have used sex to achieve goals, or convince a man to go to work for them. Some consider this taking advantage of another person, and others think this is the way things were set up from the beginning of time.

In the European-Christian ethos, marriage is only between one man and one woman, and sexual intimacy between two people should only be done after they have taken vows. During the time before the ceremony, couples should be celibate.

But around age 10 and in some cases, even earlier, kids might be tempted to start experimenting with their sexual organs. Individual personalities will determine when kids might ask the opposite sex if they can see and/or touch the opposite sex’s organs.

Based on the Christian ethos, many in America act as if sex does not exist, but young females have been getting pregnant from the beginning of time and men have been asking for sex forever. Males are known for chasing, and women choose the person they care to spend their time with.   Sex is extremely complicated and our puritanical beliefs have taught men and women to suppress expressions of passion. There is always a powerful attraction between both genders, and sexual tension is always present.

When men meet attractive and powerful women, they might initially feel intimidated because mating is a high stakes game. Women are sometimes attracted to powerful men and human interaction can start with a simple, innocent pick-up line. Powerful men are sometimes more confident in the mating process because money tends to change the dynamics of the relationship.

Money has always been a driving force for sexual interactions, and there is a thin line between appropriate sexual behavior and sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a relatively new term dating back to 1970s and became a hot topic in the 1990s with the sexual harassment charges from Attorney Anita Hill towards then-Supreme Court Justice of the United States nominee, Clarence Thomas.

Wikipedia defines Sexual Harassment as “bullying or coercion of a sexual nature, or the unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors. It includes a range of actions from mild transgressions to sexual abuse or sexual assaults.

”People are becoming more and more outraged over the mistreatment and abuse of women in the workplace, and it appears there is a national movement to destroy powerful men and their careers. Many of these sexual scandals go back decades and many women were abused and assaulted. But, as more women began to speak up, no one is asking the question, how many sexual interactions were initiated by the woman. Many of these sexual situations could be better controlled if women were not silent and told the truth.

When forty or fifty women accuse a powerful business titan of decades of sexual abuse, many times the question is “why?” In many of these sexual escapades, the aggressive man thinks the sexual activity is consensual and the woman won’t talk, or is too embarrassed to talk to other people about the situation.

It is time in America to search for a national narrative on the truth and reality about sex in 2017, and all parties should be given a chance to tell their story. There is a new dynamic in the mating process and women sometimes initiate the activity. When women speak truth to power about sexual interactions, men will not be allowed to abuse large numbers of women because the truth should set us all free.

Sex should not be taboo; it should be open, transparent, and enjoyed.

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