What Do Blacks Have to Lose Under the Reign of Trump?

This is a photo of Roger Caldwell, an NNPA columnist and long-time contributor to the Advocate
Roger Caldwell is an NNPA Columnist and a long-time contributor to the Advocate

President Trump has made it clear to Americans that his administration and signed executive orders will destroy and decimate every policy and law implemented by former President Barack Obama. It does not matter if the bill or policy is helping millions of children, seniors and Americans; his goal is to eviscerate President Obama’s policies and laws.

What Americans are experiencing during Trump’s watch is a major destruction of democratic values, principles, and the rule of law. Trust matters and it is extremely difficult to trust anything that comes out of our president’s mouth.

“Once again: Donald Trump is a liar. To some, this lying may seem small, just another defect among many, but to me, it is so much more. Honesty is the foundation of character. The truth is the common base from which all else is built,” says Charles Blow of the New York Times.

To many, it appears that Trump lies for the pure joy of it, and not enough Americans are talking about the possible mental illness that encapsulates the leadership of America. White supremacy and systemic racism is not being challenged on a regular basis and when it is challenged, the narrative is being changed.

As NFL players protests police brutality, inequality, and racism, Trump switched the talking points to the disrespect of the flag and the country. There is nothing new with our leaders changing an issue and many have no any idea why Blacks and people of color are upset and angry.

During the election, Trump defended his platform and actually had the media thinking that he would improve the quality of life for the Black community. Even though Trump had a record of discriminating against Black tenants in his family’s apartment buildings, he argued that he was not a racist. Although Trump had called Hispanics rapist and criminals, he also said some of his best friends were Hispanic.

The Washington Post calculated that Trump made 492 false or misleading statements in his first 100 days – “That’s an average of 4.9 claims a day” – and that there were only 10 days without a single false claim. There were five days with 20 or more false claims.

As Trump continues to battle with the NFL, Black unity is beginning to blossom. Trump is using sports to divide the country, but it is having the opposite effect on Black NFL players and our community. For once, Blacks and people of color are united and defiant, and Trump’s rhetoric is bringing us together.

After Obama’s historic two terms as the first African-American president, Trump’s election was a major blow to progressive movements and democratic principles. But progress and protest do not stop, and there are more Blacks and people of color running for major political offices, than ever before. They are running for high-level positions such as governor, senators, congress/men/women, mayors, and commissioners, and many are going to win.

If you believe that America must move forward, Trump’s administration is a small bump in the road, and lies can never win.

“It seems odd that we have to defend the merits of truth, and yet we do. We must. This is not simply about a flawed man; this is about the function of our democracy and American positioning, in the world. How is one supposed to debate policy with someone who almost never tells the truth? How can a liar negotiate treaties or navigate international disputes? Without truth, everything falls apart, or more precisely, nothing can be established, “explains Charles Blow.

Black lives and truth matters. In Trump’s world, the Black community is invisible, but a Black united front is starting to emerge in American sports, and Black issues are driving the protest and conversation.

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As Blacks are defiant in American sports, our communities will start to organize and come together because we have everything to gain. Trump’s insanity and mistreatment of Blacks and people of color will give us the reason to fight and resist.