This Halloween No Tricks, All Treats: Keep Kids Safe

halloween pumpkin

Here’s to a great time tonight as the creepy crawly things of science fiction and horror pour out of their homes to mingle with the fairies and princesses and superheroes of our times, all looking for candy and other treats to gather up and feast on tomorrow!

If you’re the protective type and walking with your child as (s)he knocks on doors and greets the residents inside with a hearty “Trick or Treat,” you understand the need to keep an eye out for danger your child might not be able to spot.  But if you’re one of the many parents whose child does not want to be walked from house to house, you may decide that there’s safety in numbers and that sending your child out in a pack of trick-or-treaters with one or more teens or pre-teens will provide all the protection required.

Either way, you should take the extra step of making sure your child knows which houses to approach, and which to walk on by.

Before your child goes out– with you or without you– make sure you perform a Neighborhood Search to identify any sex offenders in the area you permit your child to go.  You’ll be glad you did.

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