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Steve Harvey’s Ratings Hit Hard by Bad Media Decisions

Steve Harvey might possibly be forgiven by some of his fans, but he’s certainly not making it easy.  His ratings continue to take hits left and right.

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Like the “Tidy Bowl Man,” Steve and his daytime talk show “Steve,”  game show “Family Feud” and prime-time kiddie series “Little Big Shots” are all reportedly circling the drain.

Meeting with Trump was just a plain, bad idea– as he and fellow black celeb Chrisette Michele also found out. It is surprising just how much out-of-step they both were with the black community– or maybe neither of them cared about the views of the people whose support they all depended on. No one disputes their right to support whomever they want to support. Likewise, their fans also have a right to support or not support them in return.

Here’s a view offered by Michael Harriott over at The Root.com:

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“Chrisette Michelle sang for Donald Trump, she was dropped by her record label. Gospel singer Tina Campbell hooked up with Mango Mussolini and had to cancel her tour. Ray Lewis went to Trump Tower and had to repent his sins during the national anthem at a Baltimore Ravens game.”

That’s how much it matters. And it certainly didn’t help Harvey in the public’s perception him off-screen when he sent out a memo to all staff members telling them to avoid looking at him. Neither did the insensitive comments he made about Flint’s water crisis.

Like The Root pointed out:

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[First the] ratings for the Harvey-hosted ‘Family Feud’ dropped, then half the audience for his show ‘Little Big Shots’ disappeared into thin air.

[His previous show,] NBC’s ‘Steve Harvey Show’ consistently had a 2.2 in the ratings. [However] his new show, ‘Steve,’ had a 1.8 share, but after Harvey’s Trump visit his ratings fell to a 1.2. He also regularly loses [viewers] to Wendy Williams and is barely keeping up with Rachael Ray and Jerry Springer.

Not only are the ratings tanking for virtually every project on which he’s working, but the costs of producing the shows have increased because of his move to Los Angeles and his payment demands. Many have speculated that at least one of the entities may cancel his contract, which is feasible because—for the first time in his career—he doesn’t own any of his content.

Harvey is going to need the High Poobah of image consultants to restore his image– if it’s even possible.  Telling the poor people in Flint Michigan to just “pack up and move,” makes many feel he has simply shown his true colors when it comes to people less fortunate than himself.

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