Milo launches most innovative holiday gift for seniors to prepare, enjoy and thrive during and after the festive season on-demand

Milo’s giftable on-demand sessions help older adults continue to live well and independently at home. You too can ease into the New Year stress-free. 


Milo is the latest and greatest at-home service for seniors living at home in the city. Milo has made over 5,000 helpful visits to seniors who live at home in under six months. And, it’s the top gift for your parent or grandparent this holiday season.

This December through the new year, Milo companions will support seniors with around-the-house tasks, like cooking, or setting up – taking down – holiday decorations, companionship, and light housekeeping. Loved ones can use the Milo app to communicate with the companions and be up-to-date with the activities and progress of their parents. Seniors and their adult children get the best of both worlds — all while staying at home.

Because Milo makes it easy and safe for the elderly to maintain their lifestyle, facilitating a trouble-free system for their offspring to stay close. Milo companions take actions to support each component of the Milo Philosophy — Move, Eat, Secure, Help — so members make progress on their well-being without having to relocate into an assisted living facility, enjoying the comfort of their home. Families can test the service and take advantage of the cross-point of technology and personal services, curated to the need of the senior so that 2018 can be easy breezy.

Trial holiday packages for this season are available starting December 1, 2016 until January 30, 2018. To experience Milo (as a trial) please visit:

This season’s gifts include: 4 weekly visits a month that last 1 hour for $99 or 4 weekly visits a month that last 2 hours for $199.

Milo offers support where needed so older adults can live in their own homes — on their own terms. They provide access to trained and vetted companions to visit members’ homes several times a week to deliver meals, offer companionship and help with practical tasks around the house. Menus are developed by a professional chef and a registered dietician. Plus, their technology keeps everyone connected. In addition to the companion services, Milo offers the option of having a wearable safety device that will alert the child to any unsafe scenario – keeping confidence high no matter the circumstances or location.