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Orlando Ranked Worst In Crime, Best In Leadership For Equality

A recent study released by the financial site Wallethub ranks Orlando, FL as one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. The study, which compared 182 American cities, ranked Orlando as No. 176.

The cities were analyzed according to three major categories including the risk of natural disaster, financial safety, and community safety. However, cities were also analyzed based on minor categories such as traffic fatalities, unemployment rates, road safety, and assaults.

Cities regularly pummeled by hurricane season naturally ranked lower in the category for safety from natural disasters. Despite this, Orlando was ranked as high as No. 30, placing the city as one of the best for hurricane preparedness.

The ranking perhaps gives Orlando its due in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. The city had power running within a week and a half, the average amount of time it takes for a person to get over a cold, after Irma dissipated.

Unfortunately, the city’s response to Hurricane Irma and other tropical storms in years past wasn’t enough to boost Orlando in the study’s other categories. Data related to unemployment, foreclosure rates, and identity theft sent Orlando down to No. 128 for financial safety.

However, where Orlando ranks the lowest is in the community safety category, where the city came in last, No. 182. This places Orlando as one of the worst places for manslaughters, assaults, thefts, sex offenders, murders, and terror attacks. To make the ranking worse, just one day before the study was released, three people were the victims of a shooting in an Orlando neighborhood.

Despite Orlando’s exceptionally high crime rate, the sunshine city still ranks number one in the hearts of many Americans. Up to 32% of American home buyers are buying for the first time, and many are looking to Orlando.

It’s understandable why. Compared to the $1,300 a year a company pays in printing expenses, the average mortgage for an Orlando home may be lower than $1,200 a month. That’s lower than the 2040 national value of freight. In fact, September sales prices were listed as 10% higher than they were in 2016, meaning Orlando’s housing market is just as popular as ever.

Orlando has also ranked No. 1 for LGBTQ equality in the Human Rights Campaign’s annual Municipal Equality Index.

HRC’s annual study analyzes 506 American cities and ranks them based on non-discrimination laws, public accommodations, inclusive city programs, law enforcement treatment, hate crimes, protection of LGBTQ employees, and city leadership. Orlando has ranked as No. 1 in every category for four years in a row.

“We are so proud to be recognized again with a perfect score in the Municipal Equality Index,” said Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer. “Together we are ensuring that Orlando is a place where all people feel welcome, regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Florida cities such as Orlando and Fort Lauderdale may have ranked low on Wallethub’s overall safety scores. But, on average, Florida cities were found to have a score of 75 out of 100 points for LGBTQ equality in comparison to the national average of 57. Therefore, Orlando may not be the safest city in the U.S. in terms of overall crime and financial security, but it’s certainly one of the most protective of its citizens.

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