Insult to Injury: 13 rescued siblings will be split up

turpin children and parents
Siblings being split up even though multiple volunteers offered to take them all and keep them together

As if the life-long abuse suffered by the 13 siblings rescued from the California “house of horrors” last week was not enough, officials have announced that the 13 will be split up and placed into at least 2 different foster homes for the foreseeable future.

The 6 minors will go to two different foster homes, while the adult children will be made wards of Riverside County and placed in an adult assisted-living facility, CBS reported.

After being imprisoned for most of their lives, chained up and tortured for months at a time, the kids had very little contact with the outside world.  They asked that they not be split up, the news outlet reported.  Nearly two dozen people, some nurses or mental health professionals, volunteered to take care of all 13 so they would not be separated, said Mary Parks, spokeswoman for Riverside County Department of Public Social Services, but the decision to split them up was made anyway.

The Riverside University Health System, where the younger kids were treated after their 17-year-old sister executed their two year old escape plan and notified authorities of the abuse.  Moore than $120,000 has been collected from 1,500 people and put into a trust for the kids.

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The parents, David and Louise Turpin, face 94 years in prison if convicted on 38 charges of torture, child abuse and false imprisonment.