The Real S___hole

lucius gantt
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Africans unite!

Now is the time for Black people and all people of color around the world to rise up and clap back at the modern day wicked Pharaoh!

The United States Commander and Thief has proven beyond a doubt that he is an ignorant, decadent, degenerate, clueless and classless racist!

Africa is the center of the world, the birthplace of civilization and the most mineral rich continent on earth!

The President and anyone else that chooses to describe Africa and other Black nations as “s___hole countries” is a liar, a fool and an enemy to global unity and world peace!

Proud of his ku Klux klan influenced upbringing, Donald Trump has always had hatred for people of color. No one had to pull the sheet off of Donald Trump, he exposes himself every time he says things like Haitians have aids or Nigerians live in huts.

Everyday attacks on Barack Obama, increased incarceration of Black youth and adults, systematic suppression of Black voting rights, daily disrespect of fallen Black soldiers and their families and the constant cutting of health care and social service programs that benefit Black and poor Americans must stop!

Rise up Black people. Our future is at stake. Our community is under siege. Our children are being disenfranchised. Our future is being compromised!

Many American people have been easily suckered into supporting the bidding of political devils. They were told they are being attacked by hard working, honest people of color and that all non-white immigrants are criminals that lack of patriotism and expose the country to danger. This devilish idea and concept may have worked in Nazi Germany but Americans cannot let it work here!

The color of an immigrant’s skin has no more significance than the color of their eyes.

Today, the United States is no longer a multi-colored melting pot it is a pale hell hole!

Why haven’t all public officials on all levels denounced the vulgar and bigoted language used by the President of the United States to disparage everyone in the world that has one drop, or more, of Black blood in their veins?

Is it because they agree with Trump? Are they afraid to speak out against racism? Do they not care about how the world feels about the United States? Perhaps, all of the above!

Too much of anything is bad for you. Too much hate is especially bad for you!

We’ve been taken advantage of and taken for granted much too long. Everybody everywhere with hopes and dreams should stand up and fight against the racist devils with plots and schemes!

No matter what country or continent you come from, if you’re a Black person, you’re an African!

Africans unite. Silence the great satan! Respect and protect yourself and your people!