Washington Post: White Evangelical Women Moving Away From Trump

white women supporting Trump
Pre-election photo of white women supporting Trump ticket. {Photo: Bing,FTU}
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According to the New York Times, white evangelical women seem to be taking a backward step away from President Trump as his political woes continue to compound.  It appears that while they do not regret helping put him into office, they think it would be better if another Republican took over in 2020.

Interestingly, the Post reports, “the men in the pulpits of evangelical churches remain among Mr. Trump’s most stalwart supporters.”  Revelations about White House attempts “to silence a pornographic actress claiming an affair with Mr. Trump, and a jailed Belarusian escort claims evidence against the American president” don’t seem to disturb these Christian “men of God.”

White evangelical women, to their dubious credit, have seemingly recognized the disconnect between what the president says and what he does behind closed doors.  Their support for The Real Donald has dropped about 13 percentage points, the Post says.

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