Don’t Do It – Office Argument Online

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Jeff Atwater is an avid fisherman and boating enthusiast. He is particularly interested in the environment and how to keep the planet safe.

OK.  You’re ticked off at somebody on your job.  He’s a jerk, loud and arrogant; she’s obnoxious and devious.  Best to leave it at the office.  If you get on FB or Twitter and start calling him or her out, you might be the one who ends up in trouble– with the boss.   Don’t let an office argument put you in the unemployment line.  Employers these days are more interested in protecting their brand than they are in protecting you.   Have a private conversation with the butt-hole– that’s what grown folks do.  And be prepared to walk away from the conversation.  Emotions can run high pretty darn fast.  You want to be heading home to the kids after work, not to a room with metal bars at the jail.  Be responsible.  Keep your job, so you can keep paying those bills.