All World Political Consultants Open New Offices in Atlanta

lucius gantt
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   ATLANTA – At last, All World Consultants has come home to Atlanta!

  Atlanta native Lucius Gantt created the independent and international political consulting firm in 1980.

    “I’m thrilled to be setting up shop in my hometown,” said Gantt, who worked professionally at WSB-TV, Cox Broadcasting, The Atlanta Journal and at The Associated Press Atlanta office earlier in his career.” All World Consultants is a full-service political firm with a winning track record in the United States and in other countries around the globe.”

All World and representatives
(l-r) Florida State Senator Perry Thurston, D-Ft. Lauderdale, Lucius Gantt, Senator Darryl Rouson, D-Tampa

    Registered and headquartered in Florida, All World Consultants have provided political services for governors, judges, legislators, Congresspersons, City Councilmen, County Commissioners, political action committees, The Democratic Party, The Republican Party, various political associations and groups and several political initiatives and interest groups.

    Campaign planning, strategy consultation, media relations, political copywriting, political media production and placement, direct mailings, targeting, polling, signage design and printing, political call services, get out the vote services and political training are just of few of the services that All World Consultants can provide.

    “Local, statewide, national and international lobbying and governmental relations services are also a big part of our business,” explained Gantt.

    Medical associations, hospital associations, technology companies, entertainment companies, educational associations, pari-mutuel facilities, labor unions, civil rights and community groups, investment groups and governments have all utilized All World Consultants lobbying and governmental relations services.

    “My children are all in Atlanta, my family is in Atlanta and many of my classmates and colleagues are in the city,” said All World Consultants President and CEO Lucius Gantt. “Atlanta political candidates and candidates across the state of Georgia need honest, experienced and professional political consultants that can help them realize their political goals.

gant and bush
Lucius Gantt and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush

    “Serious candidates are tired of dealing with political charlatans that tell every candidate that they can generate votes when they don’t have a clue about how scientific and technological winning political consultation really is,” Gantt continued.

     All World Consultants is the political company affiliated with All World Financial Group, LLC. Other All World businesses include All World Commodities and the internationally known editorial column, “The Gantt Report”.

    “I and my staff feel there are a lot of opportunities in Atlanta and the State of Georgia,” said Gantt. Who can deliver? That is the question and All World is the answer!”

     To contact Lucius Gantt and other All World staff visit their website at Our Atlanta offices will be opening soon on West Druid Hills Dr. near some of Atlanta’s most prestigious media companies.

      Finally, Lucius Gantt said, “I look forward to working with other political professionals in Georgia. If they don’t want to work together, we can compete.  Put all of Georgia’s top consultants on a panel somewhere and let’s see who is most politically credible!”