Sheriff: Active shooter reported at Texas high school

active shooter at TX high school
Active shooter reported at Santa Fe High School. School locked down at 8AM May 18, 2018.

UPDATE:  At least 8 people have been killed in the shooting at Santa Fe High School.  The shooter is believed to be a student.  He is presently in custody.  A police officer was wounded.

The Associated Press has reported that police in Santa Fe, TX were alerted to an active shooter in a high school near Houston after at least one student said she saw a man with a gun enter her classroom and start shooting as the class evacuated.  As of 8 a.m. the Santa Fe High School was on lockdown.  One student told Houston television station KTRK in a telephone interview that a gunman came into her first-period art class and started shooting. The teacher told the students to ‘Start running,’ and as they began rushing out of the class, the student said she saw one girl with blood on her leg.

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