Cosby’s Representative Says Divorce Rumors ‘Ridiculous’

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Bill Cosby shown here with his personal representative Andrew Wyatt
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UPDATE:   “It’s amazing how people can make things up.” This is how Bill Cosby’s representative Andrew Wyatt shot down reports that Camille Cosby was preparing to divorce her husband after 54 years of marriage.

Wyatt told today that the rumor is a “ridiculous story from an egregious publication.”  He called the publication’s accusations “absolutely false.” The story was originally published by

Responding to the claims that Mrs. and Mr. Cosby are living separate and apart in two different states, he said “she’s with him in the Philadelphia home as we speak.”

That being said, we have yet to hear from Camille Cosby or her representatives regarding the publication’s claims.

______Our original account of the story is below:__________ has reported that Camille Cosby is now living separately from her husband Bill, who is alone in Pennsylvania, where he is on house arrest until his sentencing on September 24.  Camille is reportedly living in one of their mansions in Massachusetts with her three adult children who don’t visit their father. reports Camille “is in the process of dumping his vast vintage car collection — as well 
as their California real estate holdings.”  Supposedly she has already sold their private jet.

Camille came to Cosby’s defense after the jury verdict finding him guilty in a tersely worded statement that ripped into the judge and the prosecutors.  Cosby’s defense to the charges he faced likely doomed his marriage.  He alleged that every sexual encounter he had was consensual, not forced, and at the same time admitted to cheating on his wife for years.

Cosby’s PR people deny that a divorce is in the works.