Pastor’s wife looking to be freed from bond restrictions

laura lloyd-jenkins
Laura Lloyd-Jenkins has petitioned to be freed from home bail-required confinement

Laura Lloyd-Jenkins, former first lady of Abundant Life Ministries and wife of founder and former pastor Cornell Jenkins, has asked a federal court judge to loosen the restrictions imposed on her as part of her bond arrangement so that she can visit her ailing father in California, and look for a job.  Lloyd-Jenkins was arrested in December, 2017, as part of an FBI investigation into child sex trafficking involving her husband and two other Toledo pastors.

She filed her motion before Judge Jack Zouhary, the judge who placed her on house arrest, asking him to modify the original terms of her bond. The restrictions imposed by the judge prevent the former Lucas County administrator from leaving her home under any circumstances– not even to go to the doctor– without the prior approval of the pretrial services department.

Lloyd-Jenkins, 43, of Toledo is charged with obstructing a sex trafficking investigation and making a false statement to federal investigators. The charges stem from the arrest last year of her husband, Cordell Jenkins, Pastor Anthony Haynes and Prophet Kenneth Butler, two other area pastors. All three men are implicated in a child sex trafficking scheme.  Mr. Jenkins is founder of Abundant Life Ministries in Toledo.

jenkins, haynes and butler
L-r: Pastor Cordell Jenkins, Pastor Anthony Haynes and Prophet Kenneth Butler

Kenneth Butler, 38, pleaded guilty May 14 to conspiracy to sex traffic children, obstruction of a sex trafficking investigation, and two counts of sex trafficking of children.  He is expected to be sentenced on Sept. 12 to 17 years in prison as part of an announced plea agreement.

Jenkins, 47, and Haynes, 38, remain in jail awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking and child pornography.  According to investigators, Jenkins recorded some of the sexual encounters on his mobile phone.

Jenkins, Lloyd-Jenkins and Haynes have until July 19 to change their pleas to the charges or face trial on September 19.