The Gantt Report: The Devil and the Babies

lucius gantt
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Lucius is a contributing columnist to NNPA newspapers around the nation, and the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing,” available on and from bookstores everywhere.

     I try to respect all religions. I don’t tell people when or what they should believe in or how they should worship.

     However, in my mind, it is obvious that you can’t serve two different Masters!

     If you do what your true God says you cannot really take orders from a lying, cheating, stealing and corrupt President of the United States or any other devilish, despicable, disrespectful, disgraceful or slimy degenerate political leader of any nation in the world!

     Donald Trump is currently under investigation for alleged crimes committed during his Presidential campaign, during his Presidential transition, during his time in office and for years and years before he stepped into the Oval Office in the White House!

     No US President is allowed to use the office and the powers of the President to benefit himself personally, to enrich himself personally or to curtail any criminal investigations that targets him for criminal activities he participated in while serving as President of the United States. Any such effort is clearly a conflict of interest.

      But political devils, like all others with devilish intentions, have no desires whatsoever to do the correct thing, do the right thing or to obey what the Bible calls the Ten Commandments!

       President Trump has decided to commit any crime he wants to and get away with it by nominating a Supreme Court Justice that will vote the way he demands him or her to vote in all cases that involve him and his white supremacist, racist and separatist political base and their political leanings.

      Any criminal can stay out of jail if they are allowed to chose their own juries!

     Honest and law abiding citizens of America must stop the Trump political-judicial plans right in it’s tracks!

     Much of the media focus has suggested that any Trump nominee for Supreme Court justice must be rejected because wrong decisions by America’s highest court would do severe damage to laws related to abortion rights and a woman’s right to chose what she does with her body, in a sense.

     That’s a good cause or reason for women to stand up and speak out about what the 45th President and his Republican political puppets are trying to perpetrate on the people.

    But people of color have many, many more reasons to oppose any person Trump elects to nominate for a position on the Supreme Court.

    If a more conservative Supreme Court can overturn Roe v. Wade decisions that will hurt women’s rights, that same conservative Supreme Court can overturn laws related to civil rights, voting rights, LGBTQ rights, worker’s rights and every other right that the Ku Klux Klan, skinheads, neo-nazis and other racists groups don’t want people of color to have!

     The bigots are not the only group that will support every devilish decision that Donald Trump will make to America’s judicial system.

     So called Evangelical Christians seem to love the President that’s also known as the Liar in Chief, the “Cat” grabber, the adulterer, the American ally hater and the lover of dictators, despots and the world’s political degenerates!

     You tell me, if Jesus loves the little children, how can Evangelicals masquerading as Christians love the President that separates babies, toddlers and children that travel for miles to escape violence, exploitation and oppression from their parents and place those very young people in cages like dogs and refuses to tell kids where their mothers are and refuses to tell mothers and fathers where their children are?

     Ah yes, if you don’t want to fight devilish Presidential Executive Orders that hurts children, parents, businesses, workers, American Allies, Blacks, Hispanics and people of color around the world for yourself, at least stand up and fight for the children!

      Three month old children that are taken from loved ones and placed into custody at the US-Mexican border are not rapists, murderers and gang members, in many cases they are crawling or running for their lives trying to get away from people that want to kill them!

     The Gantt Report doesn’t endorse political candidates or their opponents or even tell people to vote or not to vote but there are exceptions to TGR rules and the 2018 elections are in the exception category.

     Every registered voter in the United States must go to the polls in November and cast a ballot against anybody and everybody that supports the devilish political proposals of the Beast in Chief, also known as Donald Trump!

     But babies can’t fight back, stand up or speak out. All they can do is cry out for mama!

      Save the children. Save the babies. Vote against all candidates that agree with and support Donald Trump’s devilish political policies!