Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Black Boy Who Played With a Toy Gun

Zahiem Salahuddin was arrested and faced simple assault, reckless endangerment and possession of an "instrument of crime" charges just for using a toy.

toy gun
13-year-old Zahiem Salahuddin will not be prosecuted for bringing toy to playground where a white boy was struck by a toy ball fired from the toy gun

Zahiem Salahuddin was playing with his friends on a basketball court in Grays Ferry, Pa.  He had brought with him a plastic toy gun that shot plastic balls.  He and his friends were taking turns playing with the toy gun.  A white boy was hit with one of the plastic balls.  It was unclear which of the young people shot the ball that hit the white child.

When he left the basketball court headed for home, Salahuddin was on his bike.  He was stopped by men in a black pickup truck who told him he had shot at a Philadelphia police officer’s son.  Police in marked showed up shortly and arrested Salahuddin.  The young man was arrested and charged with simple assault, reckless endangerment and possession of an “instrument of crime.”   He ended up spending three days in jail.

The Philadelphia District announced on Thursday that his office will withdraw juvenile charges against Salahuddin, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.