The Gantt Report: Write or Die


People around the world have been enjoying my economic and political commentary for over 40 years.

     The Gantt Report style has been imitated but TGR will never be duplicated!

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     If you don’t know, it is hard to write opinion columns every week for decades and make them read differently even when world economic and political activities and actions pretty much remain the same.

     Friends and fake friends have been celebrating my “retirement” and my decision to leave the State of Florida and to return to my Atlanta, Georgia home town on the internet.

      I’m retiring from Florida, what I call “Southern Babylon”. In Florida, they don’t recognize Black activists, Black trail blazers, Black freedom fighters and the brave Black men and women that stand up and speak out about the treatment of African Americans until they are gone, almost gone or dead in their graves!

     Knowledge in Florida is pretty much worthless. If you have history to share, wisdom to share and truth to share, no one wants to pay you for it. You can’t get a teaching job. You can’t get a media job. You can’t get a government job.

     God’s messengers have bills too. I only know two or three newspapers in the United States that will not publish TGR if it comes to them freely but no newspaper or magazine will pay a fair price for it even though  the column generates and increases readership.

     Anyway, TGR has always pointed out devils and beasts in Black communities (or people that do devilish things and act in animalistic ways) and TGR was first to talk about beast bankers, modern day colonizers and the sometimes backward Black leadership.

     As soon as I sell my house and five acres of land I’m out of the so-called Sunshine State but before I go I want to remind you I’ve been saying for years that everything is about the money!

     It’s not about candidates, politics or political parties. It is not about appointments and confirmations.

     Black people are treated badly because of exploitation, ethnic robbery, misdirection and self proclaimed community leaders that will sell you out for a bowl of white rice and white acre peas!

     Recently the New York Times published a great investigation story about the President’s finances that parroted in detail what was written in The Gantt Report, weeks ago, months ago  and years ago.

     According to the NY Times story written by David Barstow, Susanne Craig and Russ Buettner. President Donald Trump is a political liar and an alleged financial crook. Go to the link listed below:

     When I leave Florida, the people will know it and the people will feel it.

     I could have trained the next generation of world class journalists, broadcasters and media owners but the media devils and their Negro puppets wanted nothing to do with that.

      Hopefully, my final book in the “Beast Trilogy” called “The Light is the Truth” will be available before Black History month 2019.

      I’m a Write or Die guy so I’ll still write columns for the newspapers and magazines around the world that feel The Gantt Report has some value!

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Lucius is a contributing columnist to NNPA newspapers around the nation, and the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing,” available on and from bookstores everywhere.