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The Gantt Report: Where Do We Go From Here?

Where do we go from here? Sometimes it is necessary for Black people to go back before they can move forward.

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In less than 30 days, an election will take place in the United States and the election outcome could be far more important than the 2008 election won by former President Barack Obama.

It’s no secret that Republican candidates have been beating Democrats, Libertarians, Green Party and other candidates like Bata Drums at a Yoruba religious ceremony or like Rattler percussionists beat snares at the FAMU homecoming drum line!

Republicans win elections, not because they are “better”, they win because they are smarter, more unified, more politically scientific and more politically technological.

Republicans have won with political plots and schemes while Democrats have been getting over 90% of all Black votes cast with hopes and dreams and still losing!

After Judge Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to a seat on SCOTUS, African Americans were told how bad the “I drink beer judge” would be for voting rights, civil rights and women’s rights when they should have been told how terrible things would be when votes were tallied in 2016.

Don’t take my word for it but in order for there to be a Democratic blue wave that will orchestrate a definable change in the US Congress, there has to be a Black tsunami at 2018 voting booths across the nation!

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Young, white high paid consultants from Iowa farmlands or from rural towns in Illinois will never be able to turn out 60, 70 or 80% of registered Black voters needed to propel Democrats to 2018 victories.

OK, so who will Democrats turn to to increase Black voter turnout? Recent history says in late October, Democrats will thrown money toward Black elected officials that can’t turnout 60, 70 or 80% of registered Black voters for themselves!

No disrespect to brothers and sisters in office but if you want political change you have to seek out and use Black people that are politically influential, you have to utilize Black people with a history of election success, you have to work with and spend money with Black media and you have you to galvanize work constructively with Black churches, mosques, masjids and temples.

Ideas that Black voters should be ignored until the last week of October should be discredited, abandoned and, perhaps, forgotten!

It’s going to take special Black political consultants to go into the hood to get thugs and thots to go to the polls. You need special Black consultants that can craft political messages for Black voters that will drive them to the voting booths.

Who can deliver high numbers of the Democratic Party’s strong Black voter base has not been adequately and appropriately answered for the last three or four decades! The answer is, Black voters vote the way Black people they trust suggest that they vote and who do Blacks trust? They trust themselves and depend on themselves!

Regardless of how things fall out in Washington, D.C., many candidates of color have excellent chances of winning important 2018 races for governor and other statewide and local offices.

Well, what will happen if Blacks and progressives win in their elections for governor, attorney general, state attorney and in other races?

The same way you are treated in the campaign is the same way you’ll be treated after the campaign. If you are considered worthless during the campaign, you will be considered worthless after the campaign, inferior and incompetent before and inferior and incompetent after and easy to manipulate and take advantage of Blacks during the campaign, attempts will be made to manipulate community development projects for Blacks and take advantage of Black’s blind political trust after the campaigns!

People want to complain about fake investigations of alleged sexual misconduct of Justice Kavanaugh, what about fake investigations of the political needs and wants of Black voters?

A fake look is an investigation said to seek facts in sexual misconduct that happened in the house but investigators are told by the President and Congress to only look for clues in the bathroom!

Candidates don’t have to have a political plan for Black community improvement or progress, all anyone has to do to get Black voter support is to claim support of the local HCBU, say you loved Dr. Martin Luther King and pass out cheap T-shirts and serve free chicken and beer at a campaign rally!

Every election in America is about the money. Keep that in mind when you cast your vote on election day. It’s about trillions of dollars in government debts, it’s about tax cuts for the rich and tax hikes for the poor, it’s about saving your home or being able to afford health care.

Please go to the polls and vote for candidates of your choice. Amendments and initiatives are important to so carefully consider how you’ll vote for or against those too.

I hope you don’t get mad about Black people being told the truth!

Where do we go from here? We go back to trusting each other, loving each other and supporting each other and voting for candidates and in ways that we decide as opposed to drinking political kool aide served by our enemies!

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Lucius Gantthttp://www.allworldfinancialgroup.com
Lucius is a contributing columnist to NNPA newspapers around the nation, and the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing,” available on Amazon.com and from bookstores everywhere.

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