No Charges for Self-Proclaimed Racist Who Threatened Don Lemon’s Life

Not a pressing issue: District Attorney's office in Manhattan

Don Lemon
Death threats against Don Lemon not worth prosecutor's time

The Manhattan D.A.’s office just advised that they won’t be pressing charges against a self-proclaimed white nationalist and Trump supporter who threatened to kill CNN host Don Lemon because the potential punishment would only amount to less than one year in jail.


The white nationalist sent Lemon death threats last year via Twitter.  In his bio, the man described himself as a “conservative pro-gun anti-Islam anti-terrorist anti-leftist” via his Twitter bio.  The man sent Lemon messages including, “F**k you ni**** can’t wait to stab your neck” and “U r a pile of rotting Dog s**t, racist, communist, socialist, Liberal moron asshole, I will find U, U will pay. I’ll see u real soon…”

Understandably, Lemon did not ignore the threats.  He called police– as he should have– and they investigated, calling the threats “aggrieved harassment.”  But the DA in Manhattan is apparently too busy to be concerned with threats of racial violence in this highly charged post-Trump atmosphere.  No arrest will be made.

This decision by the prosecutor sends a clear message to the racist hate-monger, as well.  If the police won’t protect him, maybe Lemon needs to take steps to protect himself.