Latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll not good for Pres. Trump

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Former President Donald Trump
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According to the recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll only 34 percent of Americans still think the president is being truthful about his dealings with the Russians.  Sixty-two percent say otherwise.  With the president’s lawyer now sitting in prison, Special Counsel Robert Meuller seems to have the president pretty much boxed in.  Wonder when impeachment talks get underway.

An increasing number– of Americans- the figure is now up to 46 percent– believe Trump personally engaged in wrongdoing in connection with the Russians, and nearly half of Americans (48%) want congressional Democrats to take the lead in setting national policy.

Don “the economy healer” Trump has also eroded public confidence in the economy.  Only 28 percent of poll respondents think the economy will get better over 2019.  Thirty-six percent on the other hand think it will actually get worse, while 37 percent feel it will likely stay the same.  So much for the positive impact Americans believed the Don would have on the nation’s financial affairs.

Hello coming recession.