The Cat House


Hollywood has a fascination with cats. Multiple movies, short stories, books and columns have been written about cats..

     The Lion King, Cat in the Hat and Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat are just a few stories about cats.

      However, no feline has more mystery, more drama and more intrigue than the cats you see in your neighborhood every day!

      Where do street cats come from? Were they abandoned? Are they feral cats? (A feral cat is a domestic cat that lives outdoors and has had little or no human contact. They do not allow themselves to be handled or touched by humans.)

      I just don’t know.

       I see stray cats, street cats and O-P-P’s roaming around my neighborhood all the time. They gaze at my house looking like a one-eyed cat peeping in the seafood store!

      If a cat sees you with another cat, the cat gets envious, jealous and even angry.

     The first sign a cat has that tells her you have a different cat is your smell. It’s no secret, cats can tell when you have been laying up with and snuggling with a cat or when another cat has been rubbing up against you.

     If the cat wants you to “hit the cat”, she will begin to cruise around your neighborhood and stake out your house, waiting on you to come and go.

     The street cat wants some attention. The stray cat wants to be fed. If it’s cold outside, the lonely neighborhood cat might want you to drop it like it’s hot!

      Sometimes, men that get stalked and chased by a desperate cat let their guard down. They stop running from the cat. They stop hiding from the cat. They stop avoiding the cat.

      If the cat has some pretty eyes and a nice tail. one day a man will eventually give in and agree to spend a little time with the cat that appears to want him so much.

     “Here kitty, kitty,” the man will say and before you know it, the cat has worked her way into the man’s home!

      The trouble is, once you let cats into your home, it is very hard to get them out.

     You can’t catch the cat. You can’t grab the cat. Once a cat gets into your house, the cat will jump on everything in the house but you! They want to purr all day long and never seem to want peace and quiet.

     In their minds, your bed becomes the cat’s bed and the wild, street cat will arch her back, take off her ear rings, rub on a little Vaseline and fight every other cat that will talk to you or look at you.

     If you enjoy chasing and hitting different cats, be careful not to share your home with them. Keep some kitty litter and some blunt spray handy so no one will smell cat scent that proves who has been in your house.

     If you enjoy hitting the cat and eating a lot of cat food and if you don’t love the cat you have, don’t hit a street cat in your home, stand up in the cat at the cat house!

      It’s hard out here for a domestic cat hitter! Many of the international cats make a living getting hit!