lucius gantt
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     President Donald Trump and his league of liars got the Special Prosecutor results that they wanted recently, according to the rinky dinky opinionated letter given to Congress by Attorney General William Barr.

     After Bob Mueller released a voluminous report that detailed Russian interference in United States elections and Russian social media ads and posts designed to destroy any confidence in American Democracy, Attorney General Barr sent a four page letter to Congress that expressly stated that there was “no collusion” by Trump World and the Kremlin!

      Release the whole report? Oh no, Barr merely decided to say what Trump and his leader Vladimir Putin wanted Barr to say!

      In essence, it doesn’t matter if everyone in Trump world has been lying about their Russian contacts from the get go, it doesn’t matter if tens of Russians have been indicted for conspiracy against the United States for cyber crimes and hacking US businesses and individuals and it didn’t matter that Trump confidants and loyalists have been found guilty in a court of law and many have seen the inside of a prison cell block.

     If you don’t remember, Barr was selected to become Attorney General after his wrote a much longer letter months ago to the Department of Justice that stated his view that the President of the United States was above the law and could not be indicted or charged with obstruction of justice while sitting as the President.

      But Mary, don’t you weep and tell Martha not to mourn.! Trump and his lying thieves will get what they deserve!

      While Fox News and other conservative news outlets are joining Barr and parroting what Putin told Trump to say and what Trump wanted his legions of white nationalists, white supremacists, closet klansmen and neo-nazis to hear.

     You will hear “no collusion” and “no obstruction of justice” over and over and over in coming days.

     But what you will not hear is no world peace, no justice, no voting rights, no election security, no middle class tax breaks, no immigration reform, no fair trade, no low cost medicines, no health care for all, no infrastructure plans and no love for American citizens.

     While sheet wearers are celebrating and spiking footballs, the true and good in America are facing the biggest government debt in United States history, the worst relations with long time allies and trading partners and the most division this country has seen since the civil war!

    The investigation by Robert Mueller was just one “Witch Hunt”. Stay tuned for Congressional investigations, Southern District of New York investigations, state investigations and local investigations such as probes going on in the city of Manhattan.

     African Americans, especially, should be concerned about the status of the U.S. Government under President Donald Trump. Any hatred shown to Barack and Michelle Obama, any profane and disparaging comments about Africa and Africans, any refusals to allow residents of Black nations to enter the US are all based on the racist fear of a Black Planet.

       The President doesn’t dislike you because you vote Democratic or because you are poor, Donald Trump and his right wing conservative supporters hate you because you are Black!

     Mueller’s report that perhaps was told in hundreds of pages cannot be accurately simplified and explained in four or five partial sentences attributed to the Special Prosecutor.

      Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen once said liars that decide to ride and lie with The President will end up just like Cohen will, in jail!

      Don’t ever stop fighting against political devils. God is on the side of the righteous!

       The President will never be above God’s laws!