Project-based Learning Program Motivates Students to Design

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    How creative thinking, technological literacy and the opportunity to address the planet’s problems are transforming lear

    Inspired by children and their capacity to imagine better futures, Emer Beamer founded Designathon Works to enable children to creatively resolve issues in a continually changing world. The Designathon Works learning method is grounded in design thinking. It empowers children, supported by teachers and aided by modern technology, to explore their interests in and engagement with social issues.

    Through the learning journey, students research problems and develop real-world solutions.

    In a design-athon, Beamer explains to C.M. Rubin, children “work on issues such as plastic soup, climate change, and refugee problems. The size of the issues is highly motivating and also corresponds to the level of concern children experience. They want to think big.”

    The projects offered to children are all linked to the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDG’s).

    “Ultimately, we want all education systems to teach children to become creative changemakers for themselves and for a better world,” says Beamer.

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