TGR: Impeachment Delayed is Impeachment Denied

lucius gantt
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Black people that I know love peaches. They enjoy peach pie, peach cobbler, peach soda and peach flavored ice cream.

      But there is one peach that many African Americans are reluctant to taste, the undesirable impeach!

      Black people don’t like what President Donald Trump says about former President Barack Obama, they don’t like what Trump says about African and Caribbean countries, they don’t like what Trump says about Black athletes and they don’t like Trump’s dislike of a $20 bill with an image of Harriet Tubman.

     But the Black political elite, the Black educators, the Black church and the Black community seem hesitant to go all in on a demand for the US House of Representatives to initiate impeachment proceedings to remove Donald Trump from office.

     Recent opinion polls suggest most Americans do not want to move on impeachment at this time. If polls say 53% of Americans don’t want Trump impeached, it means that about 60% or 70% of whites don’t want Trump impeached.

       I know that and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows that!

       To protect her Speakership by keeping Democratic Congressmen and women competitive in highly gerrymandered House Districts, Democrats are slow walking impeachment actions.

         I’ve heard all of the excuses about let the House Committees investigate or let state and local prosecutors bring charges against Trump and his family. I’ve heard Congressional Democrats say how they want to focus on judicial reform, improved health care, infrastructure and foreign affairs but the conjured up excuses are not the point.

        To me, the point is that members of The United States House of Representatives were elected by American voters to do their jobs whether polls agree with a job that should be done or not!

       One job the House has to do is oversight of the Executive branch of government. When a President has obstructed justice, met with and worked with an enemy of the United States to influence an election, committed violations of campaign laws, created the biggest budget deficit in US history to give himself and his cronies huge tax breaks while robbing the poor and middle class, embraced dictators and despots and staffed his administration and campaign team with hooligans and outlaws, impeachment proceedings are appropriate and necessary.

     The people that Black people love, support and vote for in every election should do what they were elected to do and do what Democrats want done and not worry how Republicans will vote in 2020, don’t worry about polls done by right wing pollsters and don’t worry about campaign contributors that love the President more than they love you and more than they love truth, justice and what most of us thought was “the American way”.

     Trump needs to be impeached now and I’m not afraid to say it.

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     So called Black political, social, business, religious, media and other leaders should speak out about impeachment, one way or the other, so we can all know where they stand.

      Impeachment delayed is impeachment denied, I guess you could say!