2020 Election

lucius gantt
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In 1787 a group of political activists in America began to call themselves The Federalists, the first political party, largely created by Alexander Hamilton, in the United States. In 1796 a group of anti-Federalists, which included Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, banded together and called themselves Democratic-Republicans, referred to at that time as The Republican Party.

     The party you know as The Democratic Party came to be during the Presidency of Andrew Jackson, a slave trader, slave owner and an enemy of Native Americans.

     Today, The Federalist Party is as dead as a door nail and the Democrat and Republican Parties are the major political parties in the United States.

     It’s no secret America’s white voters are divided, as are most ethnic voters. You have whites that are Democrats and whites that are Republican. You also have Jews, Hispanics, Asians and other groups that split their political allegiance.

     In 2018 elections, several races were so close that numerous recounts had to take place because the margins of victory or loss were minute.

     Black women were monumental voters in 2018. They propelled so many Democrats to victories that the US House of Representatives changed leadership from Republican to Democrat.

      But too many Black Democratic candidates for Governor, US Senate and many high positions in federal, state and local elections lost. Then the losers suddenly became expert political analysts, the losers began to get financed in the millions of dollars to coordinate “voter registration”, “voter outreach” and “voter education”

     Everybody didn’t get money. Black media didn’t get millions of dollars, Black printers didn’t get paid, Black caterers didn’t serve food at political rallies and events. And the Black political professionals practically didn’t get a crumb from the political tables!

     Only the losers got money. Only the political puppets got money. Only  the political head scratchers and buck dancers got invited to the political balls and galas!

     Think about it, the Black people involved in politics that get the most political contributions and financing are the Black politicos that hire the most non-Blacks, that contract the most non-Blacks and those that talk like non-Blacks and act like non-Blacks.

     But the upcoming 2020 elections will be crucial! If voters fail to clean political house and get rid of deceitful, decadent, disrespectful, disingenuous, dumb and duplicitous politicians in 2020, America will be irreparably damaged!

     In every election cycle, God sends the political parties true messengers that can communicate with voters, that can befriend voters, that can influence voters and can turn out significant numbers of voters that previously wanted nothing to do with political pirates, so to speak.

     The answer to political questions about 2020 begins with political parties knowing who they are dealing with.

     Would you rather have a political loser advising you on how to win an election? Would you put all of your political hopes and dreams into the hands of a loser that cares more about his political contributors than he does about his community?

     Hmmm? Not me!

     The 2020 elections are more than a year away but I can tell you the strength of Black political power comes from the streets, not the suites!

     I can tell you the 25 to 35 percent of usual Black voters that go to the polls to support their candidates and political parties of choice will not be enough to win in 2020. Political parties must generate a huge surge in voter activism and participation!

     And, I can tell you if you put losing candidates with losing consultants with losing political strategies, you and your party of choice will lose!

     If you want a change in political results, change the way your political party does political business!

     Demand political inclusion. All interested Blacks have a political role to play in 2020 election success!