The Banned Man

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Lucius is a contributing columnist to NNPA newspapers around the nation, and the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing,” available on and from bookstores everywhere.

Almost every day someone is “banned” from a social media site. Black religious leaders, Black community activists and even some Black journalists are prohibited from different web sites, publications broadcast programs.

     However, owners of social and other media outlets don’t ban their own! White supremacists don’t ban the ku klux klan. Nazis don’t ban neo-nazis. Nationalist media outlets don’t ban imperialists.

     If your favorite person has been banned, don’t get mad, get even!

     God bless the community, the ethnic group, the race and the people that have their own!

      Build and support your own social media networks and other media outlets.

      Together, we can do it. The key word is “together”!

      People of African descent in America, Africa and all around the world have the money and the power to communicate with each other and to communicate with everybody in the world.

     Black people are so upset when someone they respect and admire is banned because they think Western media is fair and every Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat user should be treated equally.

     They think if you ban Minister Louis Farrakhan from an internet site, the people that have different perspectives than theMinister should be banned too.

      I love Minister Farrakhan as a messenger of Allah, I think he is a strong voice on many issues of concern to African Americans and I had him as a guest on my TV show”Vibrations” but my expressed love for the Minister won’t get The Gantt Report in The Final Call newspaper.

     The Final Call is a media outlet for members  and supporters of the Nation of Islam.

       I wish the NOI well and it doesn’t matter to me if I’m not welcomed in The Final Call like Minister Farrakhan was welcomed on “Vibrations”.

       I think all people of African descent have a role in African unity and Black progress.

       Facebook can ban me anytime they want to but Facebook can’t stop me, Facebook can’t control me and Facebook can’t kill me!

     I am going to do what I do to unite my people, empower my people and tell the my people the truth and I don’t care if social media, religious media, white media or the imperialist press likes what I do or not!

     We love people that can sing, dance, play ball, make a good speech or preach a good sermon.

      While we buck dance, our oppressors are nation building. They are constantly exploiting, colonizing, discriminating, using and abusing everyone they can.

     If we don’t want Facebook to ban posts made by people we love, let’s suspend our social media accounts for one week or one month and watch Mr. Zuckerberg lose millions of dollars in revenue daily.

     Everything in a capitalist society is about the money. When Facebook does someone you care about badly, do Facebook badly and close your accounts and profiles!

     Minister Farrakhan is OK with or without Facebook and The Gantt Report editorial columns and The Gantt Report Facebook page is too.