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COMMENTARY: Trump– The Messiah of Bias

I just can’t take President Trump seriously. But I understand how foolish it would be to take him for granted. His unorthodox style of “leading” is embarassing, to say the least, and he just keeps tripping up on his racist tendencies.

His latest foray into the dark side happened when he tweeted that four Democratic congresswomen of color should go back to their native lands. Silly me. I thought all but one of them was born on American soil. I keep wondering when he’s going to get up enough nerve to tell black folk to head on back to Africa. His down-and-dirty supporters never stopped.

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Predictably, his remarks were followed by a flurry of criticism, and at a time when Democrats were becoming increasingly divided over the candidacy of Joe Biden and the accompanying enigmatic concept of “electability,” Trump’s comments helped re-unify the Democratic party.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said the House would vote on a resolution to formally condemn Trump for his “go back” remarks, but don’t hold your breath on anything serious being levelled at Trump. Democrats are incensed, but seem on whole to lack the resolve.

Pelosi wrote a letter to other Democrats saying that “[t]he president went beyond his own low standards” when he called on the four women of color to leave the U.S. But in truth, Trump has only one standard. He may in fact detest Democrats politically (remember– Trump was a Democrat before he conveniently switched parties to run for President), but when it comes to matters of race, keep in mind that white members of Congress born outside the US have also been equally critical of him and his policies. None of them, however, got the call to “go back home.”

Trump’s rank-and-file supporters think like he thinks. They have been waiting a long time for their Messiah of Bias to show up on the scene, and now that he’s been unleashed on the world in the still most powerful office on the planet, they are happy to exploit his bias. Like him, they are unapologetically entrenched in their bigotry.

The damage of this presidency to the fabric of this nation has already been done. It will likely take a number of years before the nation is able to heal from four years of Donald Trump. And heaven help us all if he wins again next year.


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