New Salary Agreement for Orange County Classified Employees

Orange County Public Schools
Orange County Public Schools

OESPA Overwhelmingly Approves 2019-20 Salary Increase Agreement

July 25, 2019 – The Orange Education Support Professionals Association Collaborative Bargaining Leadership Team (OESPA-CBLT) has proudly announced that on Wednesday, July 24, 2019, OESPA ratified the 2019-20 contract with an overwhelming 90.5 percent “Yes” vote. This ratification applies to all classified employees who worked in benefited positions for at least one day over half of the 2018-19 contract year. The details of the agreement are as follows: 


  •          All classified employees will receive a 4% (or minimum $.40) increase added to their hourly rate of pay
  •          The entire classified salary structure will be adjusted for all paygrades 3-18
  •          The new minimum, hourly wage for OCPS employees in a benefited position will be $10.60
  •          Employees must have worked at least one day over half of the 2018-19 work year to be eligible for the 4% (or minimum $.40) increase.  The “one day over half” criteria does not apply to the adjustment to the new salary structure
  •          Employees must be in an active employment status as of the day of payout to receive the salary increase


  •          All changes to Premiums and Plan Design were recommended by the Joint Fringe Benefits Committee
  •          Recommended changes are a result of increased health care costs
  •          Board Contribution (All Employees)

o   Annual Premium Increase from $8,444 to $9,288

  •          For Employee Only Coverage (Plan A)

o   Zero ($0) Employee Contribution

  •          For Employee Only Coverage (Plans B and C)

o   Annual Employee Only Contribution Increase from $373 to $525 (approximately $7.63 per paycheck for 20 paychecks)

  •          The proposal includes some increase to the following:

o   Deductible (Individual/Family)

o   Medical Out-of-Pocket Maximum

o   Primary Care Physician (PCP)/Specialist Copays

o   Hospital-based Imaging

o   Emergency Room Copay

o   Prescription Copays


  •         Classified personnel employed on or before October 11, 2019, will receive a one-time $500 bonus. Employees must be in an active employment status as of the day of payout to receive the bonus. Bonus will be scheduled to be paid in the first paycheck in November 2019, depending on each employee’s payroll cycle.

The Classroom Teachers Association (CTA) ratification ballots for salary and benefits for instructional staff are due by noon on Monday, July 29. The CTA will begin counting ballots at 1 p.m. on Monday, July 29 in the CTA office.