TGR: The Political Plantation

lucius gantt
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     For years and years and years, people of color around the globe have been victimized by Political Plantations.

     A plantation is an estate, or area like a state, a city or a political district that specializes in “cash crops”. If you don’t know, politics and money are parallel. Wherever you find money, you’ll find politicians trying to appropriate it, tax it, regulate it, and in some cases, trying to steal it or benefit from it.

     Slavery day plantations of the past operated just like today’s political plantations.

     Let me explain.

     On the plantations that you know, everyone had a role in making sure that the plantation was profitable and making sure that the plantation system was successful.

     In today’s political plantation systems, everybody does what they can to get good government. Black, African and people of color endorse politicians, they contribute money to financed political campaigns, they register themselves and other citizens to participate in elections and many of your neighbors take long and short walks in good and bad weather to cast their ballots on Election Day.

     Back on the slavery day plantation, your ancestors worked from sun up to sun down to generate profits on the plantation.

     Today, Black and other people of color work like political slaves to get politicians they love and desire elected but oftentimes the results of the work by people of color is identical to what happened on plantations of the past, everybody works but nobody gets paid but the political slave masters and their overseers!

     In America, in Africa, in the Caribbean, in England, in Germany, in Italy, in Israel and in other countries throughout the world’s political races are so close on Election Day a victor can’t be immediately announced because election officials have to go back and count votes all over again.

     The “Black Bloc Vote” is the most loyal and consistent voting group everywhere on the planet!

      Black voters are strongly motivated by a specific common concern or group of concerns to the point that such specific concerns tend to dominate their voting patterns, causing them to vote together.

      White folks, especially the whites hired by Black candidates, make sure that the majority of Black candidates don’t get elected and zero Black people will be meaningfully allowed to participate in political purchasing transactions!

      What do people of color get for their endorsements, contributions and votes? Political carpetbaggers, political charlatans and political pretenders say people of color get good government. I say Black people get little or mostly nothing!

     The Black institutions that you love, your churches, your schools, your Greek organizations and others are conspiring with political devils by telling you the political devil is not a devil.

     All of the groups mentioned above role out the red carpet for any candidate, incumbent or not. They never ask the candidates what they will do for Black citizens, Black businesses, Black communities or anything.

     They hold hands with the political oppressors and exploiters, say a prayer and join in to sing “We Shall Overcome”!

     In the State of Georgia, votes were “suppressed”, votes were “denied”, votes were “purged” and everything else but the main reason people you love lost elections was because devilish consultants told candidates to ignore efforts to turn out Black voters because Black voters will vote for one party whether we spend money to generate Black votes or not.

      Let me tell you how that worked out. In Georgia there were at least 400,000 registered voters that didn’t cast votes at all! Whats up with that?

     On the slavery day plantations of yesterday and on the political plantations of today, the agricultural slave masters and the political slave masters are exactly who the voters think they are.

     Being a “good candidate” to political power brokers means nothing if you can’t prove you’re a good candidate to the voters.

    Our people must have political education they believe and trust in order to progress politically!