TGR COMMENTARY: The Coop and the Loop

lucius gantt
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By Lucius Gantt

     A chicken coop or hen house is a small house where, typically, female chickens or other birds are kept safe and secure.

     State Operations Director, Kelly Mehlenbacher, flew the Kamala Harris Presidential campaign coop and penned a blistering resignation letter that basically “fowled” the campaign of perhaps the strongest Black candidate in the 2020 election race!

       Dry your eyes. The crocodile tears are useless. There’s no crying in politics!

       I told you what would happen when I wrote it and you read it but all you could do was claim I’m an anti-semetic.

      Jewish politicians and political consultants have pretty much controlled Democratic Party politics for a long, long time.

     No disrespect to my friends and neighbors that practice Judaism. However, Stevie Wonder can see the percentage of Jewish elected officials in America is far greater than the percentage of Jews in the United States.

     Real talk, I admire American Jews for maximizing their political clout in the United States. People of color should unite exercise their own political power and strength.

     I said all of that to say this. Even though the top political aide that Kamala Harris picked, hired and paid a huge salary to resigned from the Harris campaign and flew the coop, she was still in the loop!

    A Black political consultant can’t go to sleep and dream about viciously attacking efforts and decisions made by candidates that hire him or her.

     But white politicos like Kelly Mehlenbacker can blast her political employer and in a matter of days get hired by a Kamala Harris opponent because Mehlenbacker is in “the loop”!

     If you don’t know, once a candidate suggests they are too dumb to make their own campaign staff decisions and agree to have major campaign hiring decisions controlled by national political committees in exchange for promised financial support the candidates are basically up a political river without a paddle!

     Whoever directs and manages your campaign and makes campaign decisions for you controls your campaign money and your campaign spending.

     There are a bunch of Black candidates seeking election to national and statewide offices in 2020 races and Blacks were in races in years past.

     So you tell me, why are there no Blacks qualified for the highest positions in any campaigns for Black candidates and any other candidates?

     Don’t tell me about political puppets who have a history of taking political jobs with no decision making and no spending power. I don’t want to hear about so-called Black political experts that can’t motivate, influence and turn out any significant amount of Black and other voters. And stop posting and sharing on social media internet sites about Blacks in political campaigns with political titles and zero political juice!

     Women in politics hire female campaign staffers, Hispanic candidates hire Hispanics, white nationalist candidates hire klansmen and neo-nazis but the candidates that you love that look like you hire who they are told to hire.

     Black men and Black women, for the most part, are not in the political coop or loop!

     If you watched any of the impeachment inquiry hearings, you heard the US Ambassador to the European Union say most of President Donald Trump’s government supporters, employees and friends were in the “loop”.

     The political powers that be in government and politics all work together. They are aligned with one or the other party but everyone that has a degree of political power will join together and work against YOU.

     Blacks and other people of power must unite and create their own loop where we support each other, help each other and hire each other in politics and every other area.

      Kamala Harris’s campaign would not be jacked up today if she had hired a fighting cock to watch and stop the chick(s) that want to disparage her in the media and fly the Harris coop to destroy the campaign of other candidates.

     If Harris regroups and replaces runaway chicks with people that share her political vision and goals, she can still be a Black candidate that must be dealt with when it comes to the Democratic Party’s strongest base of voters, Black voters!